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(Baseball Stadium at Kumagaya Sports Park)

Stadium Name Kumagaya Undo Koen Yakyujo
Location 157-1, Kojima, Kumagaya-shi, Saitama
Opened 1978
Capacity 24,500
Dimensions LF:295ft (90m), CF:394ft (120m), RF:295ft (90m)
Surface Infield:Dirt, Outfield:Grass

Getting there 20 minuites walk from Chichibu Tetsudo Railway "Hirose Yacho-no-Mori" Station, or 15 minutes to "Undo Koen" by Yuu Yuu Bus (City Bus) from JR Kumagaya Station.

Hottest Baseball in Japan

On August 16, 2007, the city of Kumagaya reached a record high temprature of 40.9 degrees Celsius (105.6 degrees Fahrenheit), breaking the 74 year old record for the highest temprature in Japan.

You can see the sign "Atsuizo! Kumagaya" (Very Hot! Kumagaya), the campaign message featuring the hot weather, at every corner in the city, that was launched to boost local development.

Actually, when I visited Kumagaya in early August, 2010, the temperature hit almost 100 degrees F, crazy hot and humid without any relief from the winds. I was so disappointed and felt dizzy, finding the stadium didn't have any roof for shade.

Along with Kumagaya Stadium, Kumagaya Sports Park includes an atheletic field, a soccer field, some tennis courts, and two baseball grounds.

The stadium is mainly used for High School Baseball Tournament. Official Eastern League game is taken place usually once or twice a year.

Ballpark Rating

   2 riceballs



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